Light Energy Saving Systems

If you have a conventional lighting set-up you could be wasting over 50% of all the energy it consumes!

Occupancy Sensors
One of the biggest energy wasters is lights being left on when a room is not in use. Major Improvements in sensitivity and reliability have transformed the primitive 'Motion sensing' approach into high comfort Occupancy Sensing. This means your lights automatically turn on when a room is occupied and off when it’s vacant - so you only have light when you actually need it.

Product - Starlite

OV & UV protection: The device is capable of protecting the Lighting system against high & low side voltage fluctuations.

Time Settings: Available Four time settings options. i.e 5/10/15/20 Min
Saves Electricity by cutting down wastages
Non Volatile memory for parameter storage.
Reduces maintenance and life of your equipment.
Easy installation
High Quality PIR Sensors with 110˚angle and 12 m sensing Range.
Sensor placement as per users’ choice.
Up to 2kw of load handling capacity
Can control both light and fan
One year replacement guarantee.