Time Based Product
IESAC Stellar - T36 Stellar - TR36

Stellar - TR 36


Specific Features

L C D Display.

Settable saving cycles in Time Value and % of savings.

24 Hrs Master off features settable – in 30 Min steps.

Password Protection to prevent unauthorized use.

Real Time Clock to programme A C uses as per customer need.

aves additional power up to 10%.

Onsite Test Reports

User Manual

Cost Benefit analysis

CD Presentation

Atcon Brochure

Unique Features:

User selectable pre programmed Savings Cycles: The device has multiple pre programmed on-off time savings cycles on Time Value base and percentage of savings base. This can be selected by user for energy savings vis. a vis. comfort.

OV & UV protection: The device is capable of protecting the AC against high & low side voltage fluctuations.

Manual Mode: The device is equipped with a manual mode option. In case of device failure, an additional Manual mode which bypasses the normal mode of operation so that the AC can continuously run on its own without disconnection from the device until professional service or help is available to isolate the device & AC.

Password Protection: To prevent tampering or accidental alteration of set parameters, the device is equipped with a password locking system.

3min delay routine: A 3 min. delay routine to power the AC after power ON to protect the AC as recommended by the A C Manufacturer.

LCD display status indicator: The device displays on an LCD alphanumeric display the various parameters, readings etc.

Master OFF timing programmable: The device is capable of ending the ON-OFF cycle in 30 min. steps.

Rapid cooling cycle selectable: The device has rapid cooling cycle option from 3o min. to 60min, as per the users choice.

Blower control: The device also controls the ON/OFF operation of the blower in addition to the compressor control.

Energy Savings: Under actual conditions the ATCON device saves energy consistently in the range of 15% to 30%.

RTC with min. 8 set point: The TR-36 model has 8 diff. set point (I set point = start timing & stop timing) which span over a period of 24 hrs.

Start timing programmable: The device starts the blower/AC automatically as programmed by the user.

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