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Specific Features

Four Energy Saving modes with Comfort.

Variable Temperature Technology Developed by ATCON.

Saturation Checks.

High efficiency Digital Temperature Sensors.

24 Hrs Master off features settable – in 30 Min steps.

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Unique Features of the Product

Selectable four Comfort Modes: Conventional Air Conditioner have preset modes, whereas ATCON Device allows you the flexibility of Four programmable comfort modes ( VIP, Eco-Lo, Eco-Hi & Sleep) to ensure that you get perfectly customized cooling at low energy cost.

Saturation Checks: Conventional Air Conditioners runs continuously till the Thermostat Senses the set temperature. Many times it happens that for small diff in Room Temp and Set Temp the Air Conditioner runs continuously and wastes energy. ATCON device continuously checks the time taken to achieve the set temperature and restart the Air Conditioner using Variable Temperature Technology. It prevents the compressor to run under thermodynamic saturation, resulting in energy savings.

Upgrades the existing A C: Conventional Air Conditioners operates at fixed capacity and at fixed thermostat hysteresis set by the A C manufacturer. ATCON Device allows Air Conditioners to achieve the set temperature during Rapid Cooling Cycle then operate under Variable Temperature by precisely monitoring temp with digital sensors vis. a vis. time taken and runs compressor precisely for achieving set temperature under given time. ATCON Device during its Rapid cooling cycle uses its full capacity to quickly reach the set temperature so that you can cool your room faster. As soon as it reaches the set temperature, it finely use the VTT (Variable Temperature Technology) to eliminate energy waste. Your A C is upgraded automatically resulting in better control and comfort.

High efficiency Digital Sensors: The high efficiency precision sensors measures temperature in 0.1˚ C and proprietary Variable Temperature Technology takes control of Air Conditioner to provide comfort at low running cost in minimizing compressor run time under each Mode ( Eco- Hi, Eco-Lo, Sleep) .

Set temperature in step of 0.5˚C: Settable Temp Range is 16˚C to 35˚C. in steps of 0.5˚C
Continuous display of Current temperature.

OV & UV protection: The device is capable of protecting the AC against high & low side voltage fluctuations.

Manual Mode: The device is equipped with a manual mode option. In case of device failure, an additional Manual mode which bypasses the normal mode of operation so that the AC can continuously run on its own without disconnection from the device until professional service or help is available to isolate the device & AC.

Password Protection: To prevent tampering or accidental alteration of set parameters, the device is equipped with a password locking system.

3min delay routine: A 3 min. delay routine to power the AC after power ON to protect the AC as recommended by the A C Manufacturer.

LCD display status indicator: The device displays on an LCD alphanumeric display the various parameters, readings etc.

Master off timing programmable: The device is capable of ending the ON-OFF cycle in 30 min. steps.

Rapid cooling cycle selectable: The device has rapid cooling cycle option from 3o min. to 60min, as per the users choice.

Blower control: The device also controls the ON/OFF operation of the blower in addition to the compressor control.

Energy Savings: Under actual conditions the ATCON device saves energy consistently in the range of 15% to 30%.

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