Energy Saving Systems for Room ACs
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Stellar 5505


Four Energy Saving modes with Comfort. High efficiency Digital Temperature Sensors.


Stellar 5514


Intelligent Eye Feature (Movement Sensor). Four Energy Saving modes with Comfort.


Stellar 5523


Advance Timer with RTC. Intelligent Eye Feature (Movement Sensor).


Stellar 5532


Advance Timer with RTC. Four Energy Saving modes with Comfort.


For Room Air Conditioners

The working of these devices is based on proprietary VTT (Variable Temperature Technology) software developed by ATCON. The devices has precision digital sensor to measure the temperature and control the compressor through VTT. The system has four savings mode VIP, Eco- Hi, Eco-Lo and Sleep in which power can be saved in the range of 15% to 30%.

The unique feature of the product

The system operates compressor in Variable Temperature Hysteresis under each mode selected by the user.

Based on standard principle and calculation to cool the room system allows time to achieve the set temperature, and prevents compressor to run under Thermodynamic Saturation.

The high efficiency precision sensors measures the temperature in 0.1˚ C and proprietary VT technology takes control of Air Conditioner to give the comfort at low running cost by minimizing compressor run time under each Mode (VIP, Eco-Hi, Eco-Lo and Sleep).