Energy Saver for Room ACs
The Mercury


Specific Features

Synchronizes working of Two Compressors.

Variable Temperature Technology.

Proprietary PRILEEN V4 software developed by ATCON.

High Efficiency Digital Temperature Sensors.

Share loads to each compressor equally.

Onsite Test Reports

User Manual

Cost Benefit analysis

CD Presentation

Atcon Brochure

Salient Features

Controls two package type Air conditioners above 5 ton.

‚ÄúSynchronized close loop voltage protection‚ÄĚ system for safe operation within 160 volts & 270 volts range.

Available various comforts option, cyclic timer and digital temperature settings.

Numeric display of set / room temperature and cyclic timer setting.

Total control over A.C. environment with precision electronic temperature sensor.

Alarm for High Temperature & Low Temperature

Auto search standby Time Based operation.

Avoids additional switching arrangements.

Flexibility of random Parameter setting.

Auto check of parameter validity, setting and locking.

Auto Delay starts and display of stored parameters during power-up delay.

Auto parallel switching on of standby equipment

Selectable AUTO/MANUAL Operation.

Saves Electrical Energy & Reduces Electricity Bill up to 30%.

Non-volatile memory having operational life of more than 25 years for parameter storage.

Default operation in memory failure.

Latest Microcontroller technology with foolproof operating system.

Supervisory control to ensure Healthy and Fail Safe operations over controller functions.

Reduces Maintenance and improves life of the equipment.

Easy Installation.

1 Year Free replacement Guarantee.

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